Friday, August 11, 2006


In somewhere approaching fourteen hours, I will be on a bus. This bus will be departing from Kitchener, Ontario. It will be going to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I will be on it for two days. When I get off the bus, I will meet up with an old friend that I have not seen for one year. I will stay with him for a little more than two weeks. I will be back on Labor Day. I am very excited. I have many things to do before 10 PM. These things include: dropping off my time slip at the temp agency (I worked yesterday); filling out and submitting job applications to Zehrs, Food Basics, and Tim Hortons; determining whether my health card is valid in Saskatchewan; buying goggles; and, most importantly, shaving my head. I'm not as excited as I was last night, probably because I am more in denial that today is my last day in Kitchener for almost three weeks and I only have some thirteen hours left to get packed and do all these other things, but I'm sure I'll be excited in good time.

I do not know what will happen to my posting schedule once I am in Saskatoon. It is possible that I will end up posting regularly, and it is equally possible that I may not post at all.

If I have the time today, I have a post about the events of the past week to finish, but updating the blog is not a priority today. If I have the time, however, I'll put it up. And pictures of my head, of course.