Wednesday, October 04, 2006


And, for my twentieth post, I have an announcement. It's not really like anyone reads here, so it's more a self-notice to book-end my personal writings here for my own records.

This blog has served its purpose, and, though I haven't written on it nearly as much as I wish I had during the period I used it, I am ceasing to use it. It's been a good tool for working on writing just because I wanted to write, though I did, for a period of time, have a very dedicated readership of one person.

I'm returning to my Livejournal, now. As much as I love Blogger's interface, it's too isolated and I'd rather write somewhere where I do have a few friends, at least for the time being.

I may revive this blog at a future date, and I'm certainly not going to delete it (though Blogger might; I've no notion of what its tolerance for abandoned blogs is), but for now, it's just a memory of a time I wanted to get away from my Livejournal, work a bit more on my writing style and reviewing skills (two goals I never really accomplished), and just isolate myself from the online communities I was involved in, hopefully having some extra time to spend away from the computer (another task I didn't quite manage).

According to, the blog ran from Wednesday, May 17, 2006, to Wednesday, October 4, 2006; 4 months, 18 days including the end date. Or 12,182,400 seconds, 203,040 minutes, 3384 hours, 141 days, or 20 weeks (rounding down).

Now how's that for an inflated sense of self-importance?

For the record, my favorite entries are:

  • Today is Armageddon. The first real post I made on here, it's actually about the deadline day for my last piece for the English correspondence course I was doing at the time, a research paper. It's a bit overwritten and tries to be clever but really isn't, but I'm still kind of fond of it.
  • Beside the entrance is a potion marked 'RELIENT K'. Because it's just about the best meme ever.
  • Midday Rendezvous. Just because it marks well an event that was special to me, I guess, even if I lay the self-deprecation on a bit thick.
  • More Reading. Probably some of my best attempts to sort out my feelings about things I've read.
Honorable mentions: Charlene is having an affair. WITH A TRANSFORMER. (because I find these pages hilarious, and was always a little disappointed no one ever commented on it) and Odds and Ends (because it shows just how banal and decompressed I am willing to go to find something to write about my day, and also for probably being the longest thing I wrote on here).

Thanks for the good times.

(Finished and actually posted January 10, 2007.)